Siloti Ramayan – a reproduction and commentary

We present below, for the first time the 38 lines from the "Silotti Ramayana, written by Dr. Sundarimohan Das. This was given to us by Ms. Chandana Purkayastha - friend, contributor and polymenchanos from Silchar. She will definitely respond inspite of her busy schedule once you write to her at Chandana. Thanks to her.

One matter of great co-incidence is that it was the same Ms. Chandana who has introduced us to a legacy of Silchar - - an institution that bears the name of Dr. Sundarimohan Das and had been in service of nation for last three decades and more. More striking is that the Instititution for providing medical service to rural poor was conceptualized and implemented by three women, who were Sylheti and above all were responsible human beings.

In spite of Translator's being Traitor, a translation is attempted by wordsmith and invites more such attempt

The sun that rises in the Morn on the East,

Great is the king of that clan called Dasarath.

With his misfortune married he thrice

But not a single son, of the three queen-wife.

Lo, came a saint from nowhere into quarter-inner

And were born heavy boys of him four.

The elder's called Ram and middle one's Bharat

The Last one had two - Shatrughna and Lakshman.

Dasaratha orders Ram to be the king after,

Pleased were all people, of everywhere.

The wicked maid who was from the house of Kaikeyi

With a twisted back and mind crooked like a bow.

The maid spoke Kaikeyi of things terrible

Of her sons whether they are dispensable !

When elder queen's son is the king, "Maid you will be

So think and cry to the king for Bharat's case."

Listened Kaikeyi and her senses muddled

Starved, angry and on the bare ground she lied.

Dasaratha, the old king was puzzled enough

Declared he - "Will grant right now, tell your wish.

Up got Kaikeyi and asked exile for Rama

and also a wish to make king of her son Bharata.

The old king melted by the tears of young wife

and said - "Oh my little bird, cry not, its done".

Rama went to the woods and stupid was Bharat

Kept Rama's sandal on the seat of the Crown.

Rama's wife was stolen, by Ravana in a time opportune

Rama started, with monkey band - the war-preparation.

Jambuban, the wise says - Who's there to have the fun

How to cross over to Lanka, amid the great Ocean.

Hanuman jumped presently and crossed it like a pail,

And burnt Lanka into ashes from the fire from his tail

A bridge was set up by trees huge and tall

And fought monkeys and demons in that great battle.

Once the demon-clan was finished and done

"Huk, Huk", they shouted in pleasure with a tailed dance.

With the monkey clan, Rama fought a Battle long,

Killed Ravana, brought Sita and that's Ramyana.